NEMO 2 - device for lubrication of motorbike and quad chains

NEMO 2 - original accessoriesNEMO 2 was developed by the company COBRRA. It is a modern original device for chain lubrication that saves your money, time, work relating with the chain maintenance, and provides you with the unique comfortable new feeling of greased chain.

Major features of NEMO 2

NEMO 2 consists of three interconnected work chambers that provide the following:

  • easy NEMO 2 control
  • continuous oil displacement under pressure, therefore uniform lubrication and maximum chain lifetime
  • lubrication of NEMO 2 internal parts in order to obtain a high reliability and long service

NEMO 2 works on the principle of compression, the oil is displaced under pressure (it does not flow out by gravity). Therefore it is not necessary to change the oil depending on the ambient temperature. It works reliably in warm and in cold weather. The motorbiker can rely the oil be displaced and the chain be lubricated at every time.

NEMO 2 is installed on the motorbike handlebars and provides immediate chain lubrication while driving, for instance after:

  • rides in the rain
  • fast rides
  • rides in a dusty environment
  • a certain mileage



Further NEMO 2 features

  • NEMO 2negligible operating cost of oil, app. 4 € per 100 000 km
  • fast return on investment for NEMO 2 at app. 16 000 km only compared to the investment for regular manual chain cleaning and lubrication
  • extraordinary time saving with regard to cleaning and lubrication compared to the manual art of chain maintenance
  • simple and fast installation without intervention into electronics and motorbike construction and related considerable cost saving for device installation to the motorbike
  • tuning design and quality execution made of light aluminum alloys
  • simple, fast, and easy operation during driving, turn NEMO 2 in arrow direction by 90° and after app. 3 minutes the chain is lubricated for up to 350 km
  • function of lubrication interruption in case of incidental stop during lubrication
  • function of impurities wash out from the chain
  • suitable especially when riding outside roads
  • outstanding prolongation of the lifetime of the chain and of the chain wheels resulting from the following:
    • immediate lubrication - only in this way the chain does not remain without lubrication for a longer period of time after rain
    • uniform lubrication of the entire chain - the oil is continuously displaced under pressure
    • oil - the oil gets reliably to the intended location and to the chain seals
  • lubrication with ordinary 80W-90 transmission oil, adhesive oil for riding at high speed, BIO oil for riding outside roads, or any other suitable oil
  • single NEMO 2 filling provides chain lubrication for up to app. 5 000 km
  • visual check of NEMO 2 filling level directly on the motorbike handlebars
  • oil level alert - emergency oil reserve in NEMO 2 for app. further 500 km
  • simple and easily accessible oil filling directly from a large bottle
  • reduction of chain power loss due to easy chain operation without stuttering
  • low oil consumption - if the running motorbike is standing, the chain is not lubricated
  • chain lubrication does not cause motorbike contamination by oil
  • the hose is steadily directed towards the chain by means of hose rectifier made of light aluminum alloy
  • oil distribution through inconspicuous thin black pressure hose

Function and operation principles of NEMO 2

  • The lubrication procedure is performed during the drive by slewing the NEMO 2 in the arrow direction by ¼ of revolution (recommended oil amount).
  • The lubrication is accomplished after approximately 3 minutes from slewing.
  • The lubrication procedure shall be performed every 150 up to 350 km depending on drive velocity, dustiness and meteorological conditions.  It is recommended to lubricate the chain after each refuelling for the purpose of regularity.  After driving in rain and after cleansing the chain when the chain is free of lubricant completely, it is necessary to lubricate the chain (it is recommended to slew the NEMO 2 by ½ of revolution)
  • when the lubrication procedure was performed and the motorcycle is to be stopped within 3 minutes incidentally, it is sufficient to slew the device against the arrow direction into the original position and the lubrication process is stopped.  After putting the motorcycle in motion, perform the lubrication procedure again.
  • If the bin of NEMO 2 is on the stop and it is not to be slewed, it is empty and it shall be refilled.
  • Oil level of NEMO 2 is to be stated according to the size of introduction of protrusion into the body.
  • The stainless container may be used as ready-for-use oil magazine.
  • When following the recommended oil quantities, the chain will be lubricated optimally and the motorcycle will be not polluted by oil (because no excess oil will be present on the chain).

NEMO 2 does not function on the gravity principle, but it is operated by the compression (the oil is delivered under pressure), and the device will not be clogged by impurities introduced into the hose.

Thank to compression system, it is not required to change the oil according to ambient temperature because the system functions both in cold and warn weather correctly. It is recommended to use the usual gearbox oil 80W-9, which is the most suitable for this purpose and does not damage the chain seals. 

The device NEMO 2 consists of three mutually interconnected work chambers. These chambers assure simple control of NEMO 2, continuous oil delivery under pressure and lubrication of all internal parts of NEMO 2 to reach high reliability and durability.


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